Wednesday, December 07, 2005


So the ring has been selected and ordered! It will arrive by the 17th.

Yes, Kev described it to me.

No, I'm not sharing those details with you. You will just have to wait for pictures. Why? 'cause I'm mean like that, that's why.

I am also super emotional. Good lord, the past couple days I will cry at anything. Yesterday morning, I was driving to work and listening to the 24 hours of all christmas music channel (shut up, I'm festive, dammit!) and this song came on that just made be bawl. It was a child singing acapella what sounded like a mexicanish folk melody, about a orphan girl named maria, who found an injured bird and used her last peso to buy a cage for it. It was all she had in the world, so when it came time to offer gifts to the baby jesus in the manger at church, she waited until late at night, after everyone else left lavish gifts of gold and diamonds, and then offered up the injured little bird. And then God (presumably) spoke to her and told her to open the cage, and the bird was healed....and...flew to the top of the church...and...*sob* sang a pretty song...and *sniffle* that was the very first...night...night...*choke* NIGHTING GALE SONG....and...


If I hear that damned emotionally manipulative Christmas Shoes song, I'm just going to change the station.

update: Lyrics to the little bird song here.

Speaking of christmas music...

Last week, I decided to download some christmas songs for my cell phone, since the most christmassy ring tone it came with was the Nutcracker . and since I have SO MUCH MONEY TO BURN, I decided I needed some funky christmas ring tones.

I scrolled through the options, I needed to decide if I wanted a real voice, radio -like song, or a ring toney song.

What were the options of the former???

Christina aguilera singing "oh holy night"

Mariah Carey singing "away in the manger"

Ruben Studdard singing "silent night"

Oh holy SHIT, people! Christina Aguilera??? OH HELL NO! I'm pretty sure that it is a sign of the apocalypse. I'm surprised Jesus hasn't returned to earth to kick some ass JUST BECAUSE Mariah Carey is STILL SINGING ANY SONG. I know I would.

C'mon, people, it's CHRISTMAS, for God's sake!!!! If you're going to have people singing christmas songs, especially religious christmas songs, AT LEAST have them be people you'd like to meet and not worry about getting some disease from! Who haven't waved their vaginas at you on MTV (uh, Christina? You might want to get that green spot check out...I think you're rotting) or whored themselves out to Simon whathisface for fame and fortune.


So "just say no" to skanky whores this holiday season.

And what did I end up with for my phone? the ring-toney like songs.

when Kev calls: little drummer boy
when the parents call: I'm dreaming of a white chrismtas (I wanted "i'll be home for christmas," but NO ONE had it! can you believe it???)
when anyone else calls: we wish you a merry christmas.

this message brought to you by Bloggers for a Skanky Whore Free Christmas