Thursday, December 22, 2005


yeah, that last post was lame. But I like that song and wanted an excuse to put it on here.

Packing is almost done. We want to load everything possible in the car tonight. Kev is...playing his computer game. And I am blogging. Productivity! w00t!

I'm going to throw out a plug for the knitting blog that a few of us started. Aimee, Julie, and I realized that most of you probably don't give two shits about our knitting trials and tribulations. So we started our own knitting blog - KnitGeeks. Not a whole lot on there yet, but you can go and see the scarf I made my dad for christmas.

When I have time, I'm going to design a button link for my toolbar. And attempt a fancy template for us, too. GEEK! WHO KNITS! hence the name!

lessee....what else...

cookie fairy

I took cookies into the lab today - the little bags filled with goodies, and a whole tray for boss lady advisor. Everyone was thrilled! Boss lady seemed a bit overwhelmed. I have ALOT of cookies, so I really loaded everyone up.

I was only in today for a few hours, and then left after lunch to come home and start cleaning. there are few things more depressing that coming home from vacation to a messy house. Well...at least it's LESS messy.

fitness milestone achieved

Kev and I got a last session of hot monkey lovin' before we get to pittsburgh and will have to be sneaky and quiet. Anyway, at one point Kev pushed back on one of my legs, and managed to get it ALMOST to the headboard - just another inch and I would have made it. Flexability is fun! AND OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

holiday blogging

will happen. My parents have a decent computer and broadband, so I will be around. Also on Yahoo IM.

Kev and I are leaving at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow in order to get to pittsburgh by dinner time. It's a 12 hour trip, including stops, and excluding traffic or funky weather. So far so good on the weather front - sunny and in the 40's through WV and PA.

Already picked up plenty of drinks and snacks for the trip - because if you are drinking and/or eating, you are not falling asleep at the wheel. I always pack snacks for long trips.

We've got:

little bottles of apple juice and quaker breakfast bars for breakfast
A & W root beer (I swear to GOD, if someone says something like "you shouldn't drink A & W because they are evil because they support the religious right/killing babies/NOT killing babies/war in Iraq/Dick Cheney's ass lift surgery" I'm going to COME THROUGH THIS SCREEN AND CHOKE YOU TO DEATH!!!)

ahem...where was I?

Diet pepsi
2 kinds of pringles (white chedder and ranch)
ghardetti's snack mix

a nicely rounded travel diet, right?

Safe travels everyone! Unless you're staying where you are, in which case SCREW YOU!

update: Sadie had been snoozing in her crate, and completely missed the whole "drag the suitcases out of the closet" and packing clothes session. However, she did see me grab her travel bag and start filling up her travel food container. Now she knows we're going somewhere. BUT NOT NOW!!! Stupid dog. Now she's running around all hyper, tail wagging, eyes wide. "going on trip? now? NOW? TRIP? NOW??? FOOOOD??? GOING NOW??"