Monday, December 05, 2005


I worked later today that I wanted. My brother called me - he remembered my birthday! So that kind of threw me off schedule. I berated him for not checking his email - I sent him ideas for my tattoo MONTHS ago. I re-sent them, and he said he'd work on it.

Oh, and my lab gave me a birthday cake! DECADENT! It was a chocolate brownie cake topped with white chocolate mousse and crisscrossed with chocolate and caramel sauces. *drooool*

Got home, changed into my new fancy sparkly outfit. Kev gave me two choices for dinner. A french restaurant, and a restaurant called Oakhurst Grill, which was more american eclectic kind of food. I'd eaten at the french place before - it's where I finally made the connection that I was allergic to bivalves, when, two hours after sharing a basket of mussels with my lab, I threw up everything I'd eaten the past week.

I picked the Oakhurst Grill. Also, they had a special on Monday's called "the bottomless glass of wine." I am intrigued.

The restaurant was lovely - a little warehousey on the decor, but the food was yummy. They were out of the tuna - BOOOO, but the braised lamb shank I had instead was very good. Our appetizer was a fried green tomato napoleon - fried green tomatoes layered with goat cheese and topped with a sweet and hot chili glaze and bean sprouts. MMMMMM...I'm hungry again just thinking about it. And oh yeah, I had the bottomless glass of wine. I chose the merlot/shiraz blend. When the waiter poured my second glass, he just finished off the bottle, filling the glass almost to the top. Eep! Needless to say, I was D-R-U-N-K by the end of the meal.

I was treated to a birthday dessert of a piece of their homemade yule log cake - yellow cake rolled around chocolate mousse and frosted with a buttery chocolate frosting that was rich but not sickly sweet. They make them there, and you can buy a whole one for $45. We're considering getting one and taking it to pittsburgh - if we can figure out a way for it survive the 12 hour drive.

Then...OH MY GOD...more shopping.

A quick stop off at Borders so Kev could buy more computery books to study for his certifications, then to Best Buy - I upgraded the iPod speakers to the next level up, which is supposed to have better bass sound AND, most importantly, a remote control. Best Buy price matched the sale price at Staples.

and....the Carpenter's Christmas album.

SHUT UP! It's good.

we stop at a few more places. I'm tipsy tipsy tipsy...tipsy....tired...tired.......tiiiiiired.....

Whoa, red wine really knocks me out when the drunk wears off.

We got home around 11. I changed into my comfy PJs....and here I am, blogging!

a very nice birthday all around :)

Well, there is ONE more thing...