Monday, December 12, 2005

know what I hate worse than ants?? 

mondays. bleah.

sweet Jane St. Clair

We have a grad student doing a rotation in our lab who's very sweet, and her name is Jane. Now I can't get that damned song out of my head every time I say her name.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaane, divided, but I can't decide what side I'm on
Jaaaaaaaaaaaaane decided only cowards stay, while traitors run

hypochondriac alert

I have a painful small bump on the back left side of my neck. I can't see it in a mirror, and I'm not desperate enough to have someone in the lab check it out for me. It's most likely a zit, but because it's monday and I hate it here right now, I'm going to tell myself it's malignant cancer which has already spread all over my body, with no cure.

Or it's polio. mmmm...sweet polio.

Hey ESC, that's not funny, my MOM has polio.

Your mom IS polio. Shut up.

lab bitch

I hate to be the lab bitch, but seriously...

Last week, someone noticed that our broken glass disposal box was gone. Everyone was amazed...who would steal it? It was almost full, anyway!

The thing is, these are just disposable cardboard boxes. when they are full of broken glass, you seal them up and take them down to the facility that disposes of broken glass. We have a STACK of extra boxes that you just fold together to make a NEW broken glass disposal box.

But for a WEEK, while everyone discussed the fact that it got stolen, NO ONE GOT OUT AND PUT TOGETHER A NEW DAMN BOX!

Guess who had to do it?

yeah, that's right. Jane found some broken tubes and needed a place to put them. Since she is a newbie, it fell to ME TO DO IT!

dammit. Those things are a pain to wrestle with.