Thursday, December 08, 2005


Good lord, I have a wedding checklist already.

wedding dress - check! Aimee is making it for me! HOW AWESOME IS SHE????

maid of honor - check! talked with my best friend Jenni last night until after 1am. even though I don't have a date yet, she said she would be my MoH. Hooray! It will be tricky, since she's in PA now, and will most likely be in Boston in a few months (why the hell is everyone moving to Boston??? It's so cold!)

tentative wedding plans - so I realized last night after I made the announcement to the choir that I was NOT going to be able to keep the wedding very small. My whole church (which admitedly is not all that big a group) will want to be there. I swear, these people are the most wonderful, friendly, supportive group EVER. Also, the santuary at my church is GORGEOUS. Seriously - the stained glass windows are breathtaking. My initial decision to not have the wedding there stemmed from not wanting a small group of people echoing around a large sanctuary. But if I open it up to more people...then I can have more of my friends there...PLUS if I do it at my church...FREE! Membership has its benefits.

Which leads us right back to money...I have no idea what my parents are going to be able to help me out with money-wise. So assuming very little (I could be wrong there, but let's assume little and work from there), what I'll do is this: open the wedding up to everyone who can come. Afterwards, have an informal reception/gathering in the church parlor with hors-d'oeuvres, cookies (cookie bar! shout out to the pittsburghers in blogland - you can't have a wedding without a cookie bar!), etc. Then after THAT, close family and friends go out to dinner. Then a few weeks later, we'll have a big throw down reception in Pittsburgh, so more of my family would be able to attend (I have a lot of older relatives who wouldn't be able to make the trip to ATL).

I'm not sure how that all works out etiquette-wise, but I'm not sure how much I care, really. It's MY PARTY...um...I mean, of course, OUR PARTY and I'll...we'll do what we want!

I'm kicking around the idea of starting another blog (another one! for my collection!) for just wedding stuff. The decision there would be - do I make it an extension of this site, or do I do a separate account and not at all link it with this site, so I can let my family and other friends know about it, and leave comments, etc.

TOO MANY DECISIONS! and I'm already getting asked "date? is there a date???"

Gah! I have to graduate first! This points to a date tentatively at late summer, early fall.

How do people do this? How can they keep track of what they have to do, and what decisions need to be made...and then PAY for all of it??? Ack!