Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Still enjoying a nice, relaxing christmas. Today Kev and I went with my parents to the Carnegie Museum to see the Bog people exhibit.

yep. Bog people. People and things thrown into bogs in Europe and preserved for a few thousand years. To be honest, the exhibit was a little heavy on the "things" and too light on the "people" found in bogs, but...there ya go. It was still a neat exhibit, and at the end of it, they had an interactive thing called "BSI - Bog Scene Investigations," where you picked a color clipboard, and then went to different stations consisting of replicas of bones, artifacts, etc, and tried to determine things like the sex, age, occupation, manner of death, of your particular "victim." Kev and I did pretty good - got all but 2 questions right.

Mom had to work at 4:30, so dad, kev, and I hung out at home...and watched "XXX" - the second one, with...Ice Cube? Ice somebody.

When mom got home, we left dad - who wasn't feeling all that well - and went to Quaker Steak and Lube for a late dinner. Unfortunately, so did every other college age boy in the south hills, as Tuesdays are "all you can eat wings" nights. Yeah, lots of punk ass kids there. But we got seated pretty quickly. BUT...THEY WERE OUT OF ONION RINGS!!! Dammit.

I got the PA garlic wings - very tasty! Kev had "suicidal," which he says were hot, but not THAT hot. He asked the waiter if he could try just one wing of the "atomic." The atomic wings have 150,000 scoville units of heat, and when you order them you have to sign a waiver. Nice! Kev got to try just one, though. I took a tiny dab of the sauce on my finger and touched my tongue.

Hmmm...smokey....kind of sweet....some heat....more heat....ummm...burn...BURN!!! BURN!!! ACK!

tomorrow we're on our own until my mom gets home from work mid afternoon. Then we're meeting some family for dinner - MORE FOOD! God, my diet is SO shot. We also have to get to the mall at some point to make a few exchanges. My grandmother bought me a black turtle neck. ANOTHER black turtleneck. And Kev's fleece vest is about 2 sizes too huge.

sooo...that's the trip so far. We'll probably be heading back to GA on friday.
Kev says it's the hottest thing he's ever eaten. Sweat was beading all over his face and foreheat. And that was just one wing! He's debating whether or not to go back and buy the sauce - it comes in a prescription bottle.