Thursday, November 17, 2005

pics and pokes 

Here is the chullo hat, pre-shrinking.

too big!

Yeah, you can see that it's a little big. It's better now. Maybe I'll get a pic of that tonight.

I managed not to embarass myself last night at choir practice. Actually, I just stayed a little afterwards to go over with the director. He played the piano and I tried to keep up. After a few false starts, I managed to hold my own. I'm amazed that my sound is still good. My chops are still week, so I'm sputtering a bit. I'll just have to practice...hehehe...my neighbors are going to be PISSED!

For fun, here are some pics from the other night when I got out my trombone to freak out Sadie.

I fooled her a couple of time into coming close, and then letting out a big blast. She caught on quickly, and then REFUSED to come any closer than this.

what the f*ck is that?


She was so happy when I put it away! Please no more, mommy!

extreme closeup