Monday, November 21, 2005


Ugh. It's monday and I'm cranky. Because it's monday. At least it's a short week!

Because I'm cranky, I shall present:


I post them here, because Kev is sick of me bitching about them at home.

#1. The metrosexual cavemen geico commerical.

God, I hate this one. When it was just a cavemen light guy off scene stomping away, fine. But having pseudo gay caveman pitching a little bitch-fit at a restaurt, and giving that pissy-faced look...UGH. I HATE THAT COMMERCIAL! AND GEICO IS EXPENSIVE INSURANCE! QUIT SAYING THAT YOU'LL SAVE MONEY, YOU WON'T!

#2. The TGIFridays "who's watching the kids" commercial.

This is where the guy is out with his buddies at TGIFridays (a popular man hangout, of course. you know how much men love fried cheesesticks with their beer) and he hears laughter, looks over, and recognizes his wife out with HER friends, and then the two of them see their kids at another table, enjoying some lovely deep-fried food with grandma and grandpa. WHAT FUN! except that when he confronts his wife, he doesn't even let her finish her sentence before he demands "who's watching the kids???" Oh my god, your wife got out of the house to have fun with her friends? IT'S THE END OF SOCIETY AS WE KNOW IT! If I were her, I would have said "well, I just left them alone with a shotgun, a book of matches, and a six-pack of bud. FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!"

ummm...I'm sure there are other commercials I hate, but I can't think of any specific. All the quizno's commercials featuring Bob, the talking, apparently chain smoking, baby. If I think of any more, I'll post them.

Any of you have commercials that grate on your very being so much that the souls in hell cry out in anguish even louder because of them?

ps: I am much cheered up by this website I found the other day. HAHAHAHA! Probably only funny for knitters and fashionistas.