Friday, November 18, 2005

know the facts about SRI 

So I just read something over at Ed and Sue's site about a Sex Related Injury - hehehee...friction blister. nice going Ed!

And Sloth shared with us that she recently sprained an ankle during sex, though she refuses to go in to any detail, freeing us to wildly speculate. I'm thinking it involved a riding saddle, a leaf blower, and 3 lbs of melted chocolate. Awesome.

I can't say that we've ever had any SRI so exciting that it required medical attention.

Not that Kev and I are immune to those oh so fun little injuries at oh so inopportune moments.

Kev probably gets the lionshare of injuries...I tend to be a little clumsy and unconcerned where my elbows, knees flail...or where my fingernails scratch during sex. Adding that to the fact that Kev likes to surprise me with a tickle or hickie...

Yeah, he gets a surprise elbow in the head sometimes. Serves him right for nibbling my side - I'm very ticklish!

And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever done this, and I SWEAR it was an accident...

but blow jobs can be dangerous! there are teeth in there! Teeth! Put in close proximity a sensitive area!

yeah. nipped the head a bit once. but it only bled a little! and it healed quickly! only a few days!

killed the mood fairly quickly.

Did you hear that? The collective shrinking of a hundred balls? That's all the guys reading my blog right now. sorry about that. let me assure you that that incident has not dampened Kev's enthusiam for receiving blow jobs ONE BIT!

I am not immune to SRIs.

Kev is a biter. I've had lots of bruises and bite marks, though he's never drawn blood. I've whacked my head against the headboard more times than I can count.

A few months ago, though, Kev was kindly finishing me off with a couple of helping fingers...vigorously. And at one point...he...missed. he went up...a little. There's some kind of bone there...and very thin, senstive skin. and his nail...

Ouch. Yeah, there was blood, a surprising amount. And pain. And what had been gloriously building up inside me died very quickly. I'm still nervous about fingers now...eesh!

SO! I shared a few, now I'm thowing it out there. Share your fun SRI stories here! I KNOW you have them!