Sunday, November 20, 2005

getting the run-around 

silk mohair blend scarf
baby alpaca/silk blend from knit picks, slowly being made into a moss stitch scarf for my brother.

This morning I got up and worked out. Ugh. Because I was lazy and also because of a Stitch and Bitch I (finally!) attended on thursday, I worked out Friday, too. I hate working out two days in a row. My legs hurt.

Came home, ate, showered, and headed north of the city with Kev for a day out. What did we do?
- put air in Kev's tires (literally. that's not a weirdo euphamism for sex, or anything)

- look at engagement rings at Shane company

- stopped quickly at CostCo, but didn't buy anything. dammit, doesn't anyone sell good quality chocolate in bulk? I have christmas candy to make!

- walked around discover mills - an outlet mall. again, no shopping, because we didn't have a lot of time before...

- Harry Potter. Good. Abridged, but good. I always say the same thing about the Harry Potter movies: they are better when you've read the book. Then the gaps and leaps they make in the film are already filled in by your brain. And to all the people that bitch about the changes, the 4th book contained over two movies worth of stuff. So quit yer bitchin', they did good. I actually teared up when Cedric died. Shut up! I did! I'm not ashamed!

- ate Thai food at a new place for us. mmmm...guess what I got? NOODLES! Thick rice noodles with chicken, broccoli, and thai basil in a spicy sauce, served on bed of lettuce and tomatoes. Sooooo good. and Coconut soup. Orgasm in a bowl.

- ran to wal-mart. I KNOW, I KNOW! I am too damn poor to indulge my self-righteous indignation. and we needed cereal and kitchen spray. I also picked up some funky furry yarn, because my mother asked me if I could make a scarf for my brother's girlfriend. Whom I've met once. Something purple. Oooookay. I'll make it on big needles and it should go quickly.

so that's it. not so exciting.


what? go back a bit? ummm...the Harry Potter movie? I said I liked it, I don't know what else I can say...

earlier than that, huh? Hmmmm...the bit about bulk chocolate? I make truffles...oh. no?

earlier...working out? after that. huh.

ohhhhhh...the RING shopping? well why didn't you say so???

Yeah, that was fun. I found one I liked.

Welllll....I'm not going into TOO much detail, because WHO KNOWS if that's the one I'll actually end up with.

3 stone - two blue saffires and a diamond. oval cut. not big, not tiny. just right.

white gold.

very pretty.

we'll see.

*fingers crossed*