Monday, November 07, 2005

dog park and voices of the devil inside my head 

Sunday I got to hang out with Jamie and Pup!


We hung out at the dog park with Pup's roommate's pooch, a pretty golden retriever who is very, very lazy.


Pup with pups at park

Sadie wants to play, but noooooo...it's lazy time! Also, Pup talked on the phone much of the time. What a popular stuffed bear he is!

A good time was had by all.

what now?

I don't think that question was on the form...

So just to give some background, years and years ago, my brothers took part in a depression study. The whole family was eventually sucked into it, and over the years, I've participated in phone interviews, personal interviews, blood tests, and brain scans. All in the name of science. Anyway, they called again a while ago, and set up another phone interview for tonight, just a follow up for their study. They always ask the same questions, wanting to know if I've been depressed, why I might be, and then the bizzarro questions about any voices in my head, or the tv having special messages for me. YAY! All in the name of science, of course. Also, I get $45. Anyway, the very nice woman asked me a few questions about Kev, since he's the only real big change in my life in the 4 years since my last interview.

Very nice woman: And what level education does Kevin have?

Me: He has a bachelor's degree.

Kev (whispering loudly across the room): AND A VERY LARGE PENIS

Me: *giggle* (whisper) stop it!!!

Very nice woman: what was that?

Me: Oh! Nothing! Sorry! my boyfriend was....uh...distracting me.


Shameless plug

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