Sunday, November 13, 2005

a complete overhaul... 

...and very little changes.

Not sure if you can tell, but I did a MAJOR OVERHAUL of my template code. Up until now, I was using one of the old blogger templates, tweaking, adjusting, and adding to get the look I wanted. The result was a jumbled mess of a template, where some things did NOTHING, and every goddamn individual thing had it's own stupid instructions...and...

it was a mess.

But while reading Blurbomat I came across a mention of a site called glish.com, that LO AND BEHOLD had a 3 column template to mooch off of.

It took some major tweaking. Then I had to open up dreaded IE to see what it looked like, and do even MORE tweaking.

So I know that the columns aren't perfectly aligned in IE. If I align them there, they are misaligned in firefox. I use firefox. If you are still using IE, you are a LOSER. Unless you are me, using one of the lab computers, which I have no browser preference control over.

But I have no idea how it looks on Safari, or on other screen resolutions. But unless someting GLARING pops up, DEAL WIT IT!

My template is CLEAN, and the code is ORGANIZED, and everything has an OBVIOUS PURPOSE and that's what counts.

And if everything looks fine, then please continue reading below for the FASCINATING conclusion to "ask the evils."