Monday, November 14, 2005


So besides spending 4 hours overhauling my template, what else did I do this weekend?

Well, saturday, Kev and I went shopping and I got a needle nose plier and wire cutter set to aid me in my beady stitch marker endeavors.* I also finally used a $50 best buy card I got as a gift a while back to purchase some better headphones for my mini. The internal earbud ones I have been using don't hurt my ears as much as the standard iPod ones, but I'm sick of them falling out of my ears every time I move my head. My new ones are the "noise reducing" kind, and while they are bulkier than the bud variety, should help maintain my sanity. Of course, I forgot to bring them in today, so I'm stuck with the buds for another day.

Sunday...are you ready for this? I...CLEANED OUT MY REFRIGERATOR. Can you stand the excitement. It was getting seriously overcrowded in there...and I couldn't really remember the last time I did it. And Friday morning when I went in to get my OJ, I'm pretty sure something in there gave me the finger. Not a good sign. Click the pics to make bigger and to find out what ESC keeps in her fridge. No before pics, sorry. I was afraid small children might see this blog and what they would see would rot their tiny innocent brains.

clean fridge

And while I was at it, I tackled that cabinet that is the "miscellaneous food item" cabinet that I just throw stuff in. At some point, some honey had leaked over things...and...it was just a sticky disorganized mess. Again, clicky to make biggie, and to read the notes.

a more organized cabinet

I hope you enjoyed that fascinating journey into my messy kitchen.

* I bought more beads and larger rings, so if anyone needs stitch markers that fit the larger sized needles, let me know!