Wednesday, November 16, 2005

backing off now 

OK, I think I scared some people with that last post, because after the initial influx of comments...no one wanted to poke it with a stick.

Point taken.

On to happier topics.

knitting news

I finished my Chullo hat! Um...it's a little big. With some helpful advice from other knitting bloggers, I attempted to shrink it. which was sort of effective. It's not as long...but it still slips over my eyes a bit. So when it's dry I might have to resort to sewing in elastic, which should go SO SMOOTHLY because we all know how easily things go for me the FIRST TIME I TRY THEM. Which is how I ended up with a huge hat IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Pictures up later tonight.

Speaking of yarn, my latest order of yarny goodness arrived in the mail today. Ohhhh...how I love the smell of fresh yarn in the morning. Included is yarn for a hat for Kev. Last year I made him a scarf, and he didnt' break up with me. I'm hoping that means we're immune to the "knitting for the boyfriend curse," but I'm tempting fate again with a hat. It's neccessary though, because boy does not own a warm hat, and he'll be in PITTSBURGH for christmas! His kissable shiny head will be cold! I must to action!

mini rant

If you are waiting at a red light, and you're maybe the third or forth car back, and the light turns green, and everyone in front of you drives off, and you pull up to the green light, stop, and THEN put on your left turn signal....

you are a complete asshole and I hate you.

that is all.

writing science sucks

God, it's like throwing up words no one wants to read, let alone me. I need to get this paper done! Why is it taking me so long??? I SUCK! SUUUUUCK!

band geek flashbacks

So have I ever mentioned that I was a total band geek? yeah. You're all shocked, I can tell. I played trombone. Marching, jazz and concert band in high school, and a small concert band in college (where for a year I was the only trombone player). God, that was so much fun. BAND, BABY! And if my friend Jen happens to read this...HEY JEN! OH MY GOD, HOW MUCH FUN DID WE HAVE??? REMEMBER THE DONUT THEORY OF LIFE? AND WHEN THE OLDER GUYS STUCK MAXI PADS ON TOM'S BACK AND LOCKED HIM IN THE GIRLS ROOM? AND FAT ANKLES??? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Oh shit...those were great times.

I've had one or two opportunities to play since moving to Atlanta. I toyed around the idea of playing for the school's orchestra, but decided against it because I didn't think I'd have enough time to make the commitment. But you know....back in the DAY...I was pretty good. *cough*

So last week in choir practice we sang a new song that had some instrument accompanyment written in, including a trombone part. Sometimes our director will hire players, but usually only for our big services of music, where we sing the whole service. So I looked over the part, saw if I could remember the slide positions (most of them, I think), and decided to remind our director of my past life.

He seemed enthused about the idea, and told me to bring my trombone to our next rehearsal. That's tonight. So last night I decided to get out my trombone, clean it up, make sure everything is well lubed (hehehehe) and then proceeded to annoy my neighbors and freak out Sadie by playing a few notes.

It came back to me...slowly. My chops are SO out of shape. I could remember half of an old fight song, some scales. Remembering how tightly I need to "buzz" my lips for certain notes was difficult.

Kev got a kick out of it. I showed him how to hold it and how to "buzz" to make the sounds. He happily played some loud notes and the fun "WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" down the slide sound that everyone who picks up a trombone for the first time does.

Hopefully I won't embarass myself tonight. If anything, I'll come home with sexy swollen lips that Kev won't be able to resist ;)