Sunday, November 27, 2005


we're back, exhausted, stuffed, fat, and generally happy. it was a fun trip.

can anyone here beat our black friday wake up time? 2:45 FUCKING AM. yeah. that was KEV'S idea, by the way. also, in 4 days I've been to 5 different wal-marts. ugh. But a good deal of christmas shopping for Kev is DONE. Only one more special gift to get him - but that's a surprise, isn't it? ;)

Also picked up some goodies for me, a new dvd player (as my old one tends to just...stop...every once in a while, and target had them for $30! w00t!), new jeans, a pretty cami (not the blue, the bordeaux) and sweater (no link, but black. and sparkly) to wear for chrismas and possibly to go out for my birthday, blue pants with a few little sparklys on them (festive! that is me!) and Katamari damacy to play on Kev's neglected PS2. I'm told it's addictive. If I drop off the face of the earth for a few days, you'll know why.

and lastly, I threw together a little holiday background cheer...hope it's obvious what I was going for. if not...screw you, ebenezer scrooger.