Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The Steelers. In spite of your best efforts...you won. Thank god. I hurt from yelling. It is difficult to knit and yell at the same time. Please do not do this to me again.

Asshole vandal. Hello. We were all greeted this morning by your oh so talented artwork...decorating our research posters hanging in the hallway. You're absolutely right. In spite of the years that went into that research, and the weeks it took to compile it into poster forms, and the expense of printing them all out on 4x6 poster-sized sheets...they were still lacking something. Your crude black marker drawings of jack-o-lanterns scrawled all over our data really sets them off nicely.

I hope your parents disown your spoiled rotten undergrad ass and you end up homeless and tweaked out of your mind in an alley someway, you selfish son of a BITCH.

The person who keeps finding my site searching for this. Please stop it, it's really annoying. And my site doesn't even come up on this search, so HOW ARE YOU FINDING ME? AND WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THAT EVEN MEANS???

Blogger. You are all fucked up today. What the hell?