Thursday, October 06, 2005

still around! 

I haven't forgotten about the questions! I swear! Tonight I will sit down and do them. Today has been hectic - but a good hectic. I will actually have DATA! DAAATA! THIS WEEKEND!

fucking AWESOME!

let's hope it's good data.

I am feeling less suicidal over the shawl I started working on, after Julie and Aimee talked me down from the ledge, and we realized that I had misinterpreted the pattern, based on Stitch and Bitch and instructions.

for the knitters out there...according to S & B, yo = wrap yarn and knit. according to shawl pattern, yo = wrap yarn around, don't knit until it says k1.



anyway, last night to take a break, I assembled my satchel - it looks great! I'll take a pic tonight.

so let's recap how good things have been in the past two days:

1. i'm feeling better, the tummy problems were temporary.

2. I've worked out my knitting issues and finished a very pretty project

3. I got ravaged by Kev last night - OH YES I DID, BABY!

4. Today I did an experiment that will result in data.

how could things go wrong?

1. everyone in the lab is still getting sick...some mysterious sinuses throat swelling thing. ick.

2. my data might be crappy

so I'm STILL on the plus "good things" side.

answers to your burning questions coming later...PROMISE!