Saturday, October 08, 2005

a single mention of monkeys **update! with more monkeys!* 


Inside satchel

Here are pics of the complete satchel. As you can see, I'm already making good use of it. I think the pockets were supposed to go on the outside front, but pbbbth on that! I need pockets on the INSIDE! I believe in purse segregation. Plus my iPod mini needs it's own crib, yo. Separate from the gum and eye drop riff raff next door.

Today was CRAZY busy.

Worked out

went to the dermatologist - he prescribed a TUB of steroid ointment for my plague (aka exzema) and some Ridel? Riddel? Whatever. something for my teenage-esque zitty outbreaks. Hooray!

Went to work. BLEAH!


To Michaels, to pick up some hemp and feather boa (yes...that's what I said) for a knitting project, some beady stuff to make stitch markers, and...some pumpkin votive holders. Hey, they were on SALE! I'm dangerous at Michaels.

Then to Party City, where to my surprise, they actually HAD the cocktail monkeys I was looking for, for the aforementioned knitting project. I should probaby start on this project soon, because I am THROWING IN THE TOWEL on the shawl project. no matter how hard I try, I can't get my rows to add up. I count count, and count again...then flip it around...and suddenly I'm short 2 stitches, or I have an extra one....GAH! There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth. I need to get back to a comfortable project QUICK! Ahhh...purses...I can handle a purse...

Petco was next, but to my annoyance they were OUT of nutro tarter control biscuits. BASTARDS! Oh well, I can't leave there empty handed EVAH!

new toy 1

It's a stupid fat, round giraffe thing with a squeaky in it...guarenteed to drive Kev nuts. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Let's see...then to the grocery store to fill the prescriptions and to pick up pizza fixen's...and one of those yummy smelling cinnamon brooms. Every year I see them at the store and think "I should buy one of those...but $5???" I'm cheap in weird ways. Well, this year they were $3.99. SOLD! Now my place smells like cinnamon! and...dog. Doggy cinnamon. *sigh*

Now I'm home and TIRED! Anyone good at foot rubs? I don't trus Kev...he tickles.


Holy wasting time, batman! a template tweak! Now I've got 3, count 'em 3 COLUMNS OF INSANE GOODNESS!

Everything looks solid on firefox, but in IE the main and right column touch (bad columns! bad touch!). But if you're actually using IE, then there is no hope for you, and you deserve a slightly wonked template. And if you have a lower resolution screen, which probably messes things up even more...then may GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS!

Mostly I just shuffled content around. Expect more tweaking in the coming week. The only addition are the knitting progress report bars, carefully stolen from Illanna. Most of my projects have yet to be started, so most of them are at "0." This was depressing, so I added the satchel, at 100%! DONE, BABY!