Monday, October 17, 2005

Mostly Sadie weekend pics 

Somehow, I managed to keep my weekend both low key AND productive. Why I couldn't spend the whole weekend in my PJ's watching "what not to wear" (oh, the irony!) is beyond me.

I did managed to keep most of saturday easy going. But then I started to feel bad about how Sadie is cooped up inside with me in the really nice weather...and I just HAD to take her out. It's been ages since we went to the dog park.

not thirsty!

There was one other dog there, a big friendly sheep dog named Noah. Sadie and Noah were getting along well, seemingly, wrestling around, playing, and having a doggy good time. But while Noah's owner was nice and chatted with me, he seemed nervous about them playing.

"Noah doesn't like it when you touch his back. I mean, you can PET him there, but you can't sneak up on him, or anything."

ummm...OK. Most dogs are like that.

But I think the playing was making him uncomfortable, so he put Noah on a leash and made him sit still. Sadie was having none of it, and kept trying to get him to play with her. Not while he was on leash, though! I kept having to chase her away, so as not to upset Noah's freak of a dad. They left soon after, and Sadie was left to her own devices.

Sniffing around

and then plopped down to keep guard from...I dunno, monsters and puppies, I guess.

Keeping guard

Then on to the farmer's market where I bought way too much stuff.

Sunday was church and then to...bleah. the lab. I just had to set up cultures, though, so while monotonous, not so terrible. It only took a little over an hour.

I've been on this soup kick lately. I keep craving different kinds of soup! So sunday I picked up some oxtails and made beef stock. I LOOOOVE the smell of stock working on the stove all day. Kev and I cleaned...CLEANED out the sun room. Cleaned that sucker good! My old gateway desktop was sitting unused and collecting dog hair, and the room had become a catchall for crap. Plus Sadie's crate, toys, and food were all crammed in there. It was awkward to manuever around, and I hated being in there.

But I had Kev take down the computer - he can cannabilize parts from it for his computer puttering, allowing me to move Sadie's crate AWAY from the windows and against the other wall. This opens up the WHOLE SPACE, and with some intense scrubbing, the windows are bright and clean and now that there's not a crate blocking half of them, really brighten up the place! I don't know how much I buy into feng shui...fung shai? Ummm...whatever, but with just cleaning and rearranging that room, my whole condo feels brighter and...just better.

Sadie was a little wigged out by the moving of her crate. Dogs don't like change. She fretted around nervously until we let her back in to her crate, she sat in there for 5 minutes, and then came back out and sat near me by the couch, wanting none of it. Giving her the scraps from the beef stock seemed to cheer her up, though.


Oh yeah, I made beef barley soup with the stock. And potato pancakes. Mmmmmm!

Pics coming soon of new and improved sunroom...before we tear it all up again to tile it, AND halloween decorations!

ps: going to Curves has given me really strong, toned legs. I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again...having strong legs ROCKS. There are many interesting positional possibilities that we are exploring and very much enjoying. Not that they were impossible before, but better balance and more leg strength makes a world of difference ;)