Monday, October 03, 2005

monday crappy monday 

weekend report

I went to Target on saturday to buy halloween decorations and a new pair of jeans, which (I am discovering) happen to have weirdly deep pockets. There is no reason for girl pants to have pockets to go down to the knees. All I keep in there is chapstick, and I don't want to look like I am molesting myself every time my lips feel a little dry.

two reasons I am a bad person

1. I still have Julie's birthday card. DAMMIT! But I am mailing it TODAY! COME HELL OR HIGH WATER! Hope your birthday was kickass, sweetie!

2. Last night while chatting with Aimee on IM, I had to explain to her how to knit in the round and attempt to explain continental style knitting, which she had never heard of before. In spite of the fact that she is a very talented and crafty person, to a degree which I could NEVER hope to achieve...I still felt a little evil smugness. I can do something Aimee hasn't done! And is afraid to do! And she's never even heard of before! HA-HA!

(Love you, Aimee!)

sharing the fun

anyone who wants to make cool mosaics and other fun doohickies using their flickr photos (although I think you can use pics on other photo hosting sites, too), can go here.

Doggy Torture Weekly

somewhat disappointed...

...in the response so far to "ask the evils." I know it was over the weekend, and blogging is slow...but STILL, PEOPLE! Anyway, please continue to ask questions of Kev or me, you can post them here if you want. You can be anonymous, too. You have until the end of the day tomorrow! Come on, people! Don't disappoint me! Not asking me questions makes the baby jeebus cry!