Friday, October 21, 2005


random sadie pic

dude, I'm trying to sleep, here!

fun with data!

The two isolates that were behaving themselves last week are now acting totally screwy. The isolates that are acting not so screwy, give me the exact opposite results that I got last week.

Nothing I do is ever straightforward. Why the hell did I go into science???

fun underwear friday!

red lacey boy-cut. what are YOU wearing?

ABBA and Vikings and Trolls! OH MY!

Tomorrow, Kev and I are DEFINATELY going to this. How wonderfully campy! and I'm a sucker for fun festival food. Swedish meatballs! Sweet!

And there will be pictures. Oh my yes...there will be pictures.

Blogger bitching

Is anyone else having trouble saving posts as drafts? Thank god "recover post" is working.

upgrade my flower, biotech!

So at my curves, there is a wall of laminated paper "flowers." everyone has a flower with their name on it. What kind of flower you get depends on how far along you are. Previously, I was in the 10-25 points group, which is a pink tulip. The step above that is an orange...daisy-esque flower (the kind of flower an 8 year old girl draws). So imagine my disappointment when I walk in and see my name and "17.5" on the same crappy pink tulip it was on last week! FUCKERS! 36.5, BEEEEEOOOTCH!

So yeah, I made them change it. At least they were apologetic about it.

The positive flower re-enforcements will be sparce from now on, though. The next step up is at 50 points - a reddish-purple rose. And then at 100, you get a white lilly. There's only a few purple roses, and even fewer lillies.


My life is so small...