Sunday, October 09, 2005

clear as mud 

waaaay too much shopping this weekend. HOORAY!

On yet another trip to Target tonight, I picked up a Sally Hansen product that's supposed to thicken and strengthen my nails. I figure that if I'm trying to get my skin clear and free of the plague, it would be nice to NOT have nails that peel and split and generally look gross.

Here are the directions of said product, which is basically a clear nail polish:

Shake gently. ok, I can handle that.

Apply 1 thick coat to clean, dry, bare nails every day for 5 days. ummm...OK, I guess that makes sense...but do I remove it every day?

Let dry before applying your favorite Sally Hansen nail color. wait...what?

after 5 days, remove and repeat. WHAT???

so...I put it on CLEAN nails every day for 5 days...removing the day before's application with nail polish remover, which eats away at your nails...oh, and removing the nail polish I put on...but wait...what do I do after 5 days? Remove...again? But I'm doing that every day...right?

I am so confused. Am I going to have to call the stupid Sally Hansen question line??? If there is one? because there's not one on the box!

Holy christ. See? This is why generally I don't care about my appearance. It's just too damn complicated!


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