Friday, October 14, 2005

brain pudding 

Today my brain was mostly pudding. Chalk that up to a week of anxiety finally ending yesterday...aaand the fact that I slept in this morning and missed the monthly yeast meeting.

*pause for Julie to stop giggling*

are you done? good.

I am enjoying the knowledge that I do NOT HAVE TO GO IN TO THE LAB TOMORROW! I do have to go in Sunday, but saturday? SUCK IT! I'M STAYING RIGHT HERE!

actually, I'll be going to curves, then maybe drag Kev to the farmer's market with me. And I have to put up all these halloween decorations. So I won't be able to be that lazy.

Tonight Kev is making leg of lamb on our rotisserie. I need to get started on the taters and asparagus.

Mmmm...god, I love the start of weekends!