Monday, October 10, 2005

boo's and yay's 

boo: I got jury duty

yay: I get a year deferment since I'm a graduate student.

boo: There's a wood screw in my front tire,. which explains why it's kept losing air for the past few weeks.

yay: Kev let me take his car while he takes mine to Sam's club to be repaired (it's free for me there)

boo: it's columbus day, and Sam's club is packed. Kev gets frustrated at the wait and leaves.

boo: the data I got from last weeks experiment is confusing. If I had done 2 isolates instead of 4, it wouldn't have been. this is what I get for being thorough.

boo: I have to give a seminar on thursday, and really need to figure out this data before then!

boo: I can't figure out a good way to edit my talk down to 25 minutes worth of stuff, without leaving out a whole bunch of background, which without, will end up confusing people

yay: people are usually confused at my talks anyway, due to the nature of my research, so I won't get too many questions.

yay: last night...hehehe...ummm...last night was...yeah. last night was VERY good...

boo: icky weather today

yay: I think my nails might be a little stronger....

UPDATE yay: Kev found another Sam's club that didn't have a 3 hour wait, so now my tires are patched, fully inflated, and rotated. sweet!