Monday, September 26, 2005

what a crap day 

Spent probably a total of an hour this morning trying to purchase new car insurance. The quote on the woman's computer was not matching up with the quote online - in fact it was over $100 MORE.

I emphasized to her the importance of figuring it out SOON, as my car insurance expires wednesday. She agreed to send me an email when it it all got straightened out.

Turns out that while GA law will allow insurance companies to take into account no fault accidents when determining whether to OFFER insurance, they can't use them to determine rate. THANK YOU, STATE OF GEORGIA! If that asshole bicyclist had cost me another $137, I would have HUNT HIM DOWN AND RIPPED OUT HIS COLD YET PHYSICALLY FIT, STILL BEATING HEART!

Then for some reason, the computer in the lab would not let me log on. Got the IT guy to come down...and all he did was reboot and it worked. Dammit, I usually think of that FIRST! what's WRONG with me???

Then later, the power supply I always use for my overnight gels went all kerfluey on me.



nothing that a biiiig bowl of spicy pasta with italian turkey sausage and a big glass of wine won't cure.

big bowl of spicy pasta