Friday, September 02, 2005

Plenty of amenities... 

I know I said no posts until next week, but I just HAD to say some of your questions are cracking me up! Hooray! Plus I need to yank myself away from horrific hurricane damage. I think I'm actually making myself physically ill.

But first, a little amusement: found a link on madville of European castles for sale. One in Italy was only 500,000 euros! Hell, there are houses in Atlanta that probably cost more than that. For kicks, I checked out the features. Scroll down to "features-amenities." 3rd column. second one down.

Now THERE'S a castle with amenities!

You still have PLENTY of time to submit questions to "ask the evils." I have informed the Kev that he will be assisting me with this. He didn't look so thrilled. I may have to ply him with forbidden pleasures.


So keep those questions coming! The dirtier and funnier the better! Anonymity will be respected! Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

Don't be stupid. Ask me a question.