Thursday, September 22, 2005

let's all take a deep breath 

so much pain an anger the past few days! wounds! stolen dairy products! WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!

how about RIGHT NOW with some nice, calming pictures to share? Lovely!

banana pumpkin bread

I know it's only JUST fall, and you would NEVER KNOW IT with this stupid hot Atlanta weather, but I just couldn't resist one of my favorite fall temptations, with a little twist: pumpkin banana bread! mmmmm...very dense and tasty. Too lazy to write out the whole recipe, but I found it here


I started my knitty satchel. It's going VERY quickly! I did most of what you see there tonight - my left hand is ACHING! Not sure if you can make out the colors - the main color is a very light gray and the color stripes are a light lavender.

Of course, it never fails...

needs some attention

as soon as I sit down to knit or blog or ANYTHING, Sadie decides she needs some love and attention. Oh well...really...HOW can you ignore that face???