Saturday, September 17, 2005

Karaoke brought us together... 

The concert friday was AWESOME! Click title for more song action (again, probably iTunes only. sorry!)

After dinner at raging burrito, we walked over to Eddie's attic. It wasn't crowded, which was good, because I didn't buy our tickets online ahead of time like Elizabeth and Michael did. In fact, we were able to get a table, which was VERY cool, since table reservations were $42, and we only paid the $8 price.

The opening act was a guy named Brad Passons. He was very good, and very funny! I think he improvised a lot the words on the spot - he asked the audience for the name of a pretty girl, and Michael told him "Elizabeth!" Elizabeth was MORTIFIED and said "nooo!" Then Brad kept mentioning in the rest of his songs how "Elizabeth hates me." It was damn funny. We chatted with him after his set. He had 2 cd's, but we could only afford to buy one each, so he gave us permission to buy and copy it for the other. How cool was he?

It got a little more crowded before Danielle Howle came on. A group of 4 girls sat at the table in front and to the left of us. They ordered drinks and shots right away, and were loud and giggly. I knew this wasn't going to be good.

It wasn't. It was OBVIOUS they had no idea who Danielle was. They treated the night like they were at a bar that had live entertainment, rather than a concert venue that had a bar. They talked and laughed the whole time. They kept acting like "ooo..look at us everybody! we're LESBIANS! we're sloppy drunk and obnoxious! watch us KISS!"


But Danielle managed to ignore them and put on a GREAT set. It's hard to explain her style...southern folk funk rock? She sings with her whole body. And she's shy and hyper all at the same time, interacting with the audience and telling stories, but sometimes making not a lot of sense as she nervously talked too fast and not realizing we don't live in her mind. But it was in a cute, not annoying, way.

At one point, she sang one of my favorite songs of the CD I have, Karaoke. I softly sang along, and she could see that I knew all the words and kept grinning at me. She messed up one of the verses, saw my confusion, apologized to me quickly, then went back and repeated the section with the right words. How cute was she??? We laughed about it when I talked to her afterwards. "you knew all the words! and then I messed up, so I had to go back and fix it."

I bought her new live cd as well. My mini floweth over! I had to borrow $20 off Kev to buy both Brad and Danielle's cds, and he told me that I am going to REALLY have to work it off to pay him back (ooohhh noooo!).

She played late, and then a quick encore. We didn't get home until after 1, after a quick run through the mcdonald's drive through for a vanilla shake. Mmmm...shake.

Today I ran some errands, worked in the lab, cleaned, and....oh yeah, met Julie. But more about that later...with pics! ;)