Friday, September 16, 2005

happy working girl 

It is a beautiful thing to enjoy work again.


friday rant

Attention musicians. I sort of understand the concept of the "hidden" track on your cd's. It's a nice little bonus for your fans, and you get to throw in your funky experimental stuff that maybe your label thinks might be a little avant-guard for the main cd. this is fine.

But PLEASE don't put 10 FUCKING MINUTES OF BLANK AIR in between the last song and your dirty little secret. It's REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING....especially on my mini, where I'm left wondering if my battery's dead, or if I just had a stroke.

Keep it a minute or less.

Thank you.

busy busy busy

Tonight...if I get out of work on time, we're meeting some friends at the Raaaaaging Burrito (woohoo!) and then going to see a concert at a small venue in Decatur that I've never been to before but I've heard it's pretty cool.

alright, check the comments for her name (I'm avoiding google searches) Here is one of my fav songs.

Tomorrow I need to WORK OUT (I haven't gotten to Curves all week! I can FEEL my muscles atrophying!), get to the lab for a bit, then hopefully I'll get a call from a hung over Julie, and make plans. It will involve drinking. And knitting. And it will ROCK!

speaking of knitting

I "re"felted my tote bag. I'll post pics when it's dry. It definately shrunk some more, but the felting it a lot more even. Yay!