Thursday, September 08, 2005

food for thought ***update*** 

I have all the ingredients I need to make a tasty flourless chocolate cake (delicious recipe kindly provided by Sunni). I had to buy 4 bars of ghirardelli bitter sweet chocolate. I love ghirardelli chocolates. I once went to the ghirardelli store and ice cream shop at the Disney Marketplace, and oh. my. god. There is a heaven, and it is full of melty fudgie delicious chocolate gobbed over ice cream....

where was I? Oh yeah, I had to buy a springform pan. I already OWN a springform pan, but somehow, the "pan" part got lost. All I can find is the springform bit, and I have to say, of the two pieces that make up a springform pan, that part is the most useless on its own.

I also picked up a nice bottle of zinfindel for the retreat - it's for a church function, because it's called "7 deadly zins." How great is that? My luck it'll be gross. I need to stop buying wine based on clever names and pretty labels.

I should get started on the cake, but I'm feeling lazy and full from dinner. Gnocci and salad. Followed by an apple turnover from Kroger. mmmm....god, I'm full...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

flourless chocolate truffle cake

cooling cake