Saturday, September 24, 2005

Earrings of mass destruction 

goofy Kev

Last night despite being sore and exhausted from helping out at my church all day,

aside: Kev has some unexpected...um...let's call it "temporary free time." So this week he's been helping my church get ready for a NO evacuee family to live in some of our spare rooms - evening out the floors and laying down carpet tiles and being just generally handy. Isn't he great???

Kev was feeling pretty goood. And by good I mean "frisky." It seems the more tired he is, the more horny he is. So while I was laying half passed out in bed - still sore from my little accident last Tuesday, he was busy trying his best to wake me up. Nibbles on my back, my neck, rubbing down my side. His nibbles got more insistent, to downright gnawing as he moved from my neck to around my ears, when...

Kev: OWWWW!!!!

Me: what?

Kev: your earring! it bit me!

seems that during the aggressive nibble, my earlobe flipped over and the back of my earring scratched down his nose. Oh poor baby...except...

Kev: I think I'm bleeding!

Me: huh? lemme see....HAHAHAHAHAAAA! Looks like a cat got ya!

There's a big nasty gash down the side of his nose. It took a while to get the bleeding stopped.

Didn't stop the mood for long, though, so don't feel TOO badly for him. It does seem that every time he gets a little aggressive with the foreplay, HE'S the one who ends up getting injured!

ps: blogger's spellcheck wanted to replace "earlobe" with "harelip." HAHAHAHHAAAA...no.