Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Research is still pissing me off lately...all I can say is that my last 2d gel result had BETTER be a fluke, or I might just quit all together.


general health and well being

The past two evenings I've gotten a bad stomach ache. It goes away by morning. However THIS evening, I have a headache. My pain is mobile...and taunting me.

stat spike

I've been erosblogged!

I knew as soon as I checked my stats today (yes, I DO check them!) that something was up. those are unique hits, so I knew it wasn't one person obsessing (but don't think I don't KNOW WHO YOU ARE, PERVERT!)

I've been Erosblogged! Again!

Obviously, the glory hole castle isn't as wildly popular as the anal sex post, but still...maybe I'll get a few more readers out of this, like last time.

Welcome new readers! Come for the anal sex and random explicit castle ads...stay for the random ranting and confusing science jargon!