Thursday, September 29, 2005

buh bye, Blogroll! 

OK, blogroll goes kerflooey FAR TOO OFTEN for my liking. I am annoyed that my handy book marks are gone all the time.

I need to decide if want to replace it with a bloglines list, and then just do a manual list for all those who REFUSE TO CONFORM TO THE RSS FEED! HEY! YOU! YEAH YOU! STOP IT!

Or just go all manual - maybe make my links a separate page to neaten up the side bar.

I'm also feeling a little twitchy about my template...dare I mess with it again? I feel a halloween theme coming on. Those of you who are old skool will remember when I changed my template depending on the holiday season. Remember my election template? Awesome.

Anyway, I will deal with all this tonight...or this weekend. Until then I will rage at the empty space after my "currently stalking" heading.

And bitch. Don't you love it when I bitch here?