Friday, September 30, 2005


yes, there was demand! I swear there was! and clamoring! lots and lots of clamoring!

It's time again for Ask The Evils! A monthly feature that will continue until everyone is sick of learning all the pervy little things about us.

But the questions don't have to be pervy! They can be on anything! Science! Knitting! Food! They can be for Kev! Cars! Computers! Ummm...that WWII online game he's always playing! And don't forget Rachel Ray...how...could...I...forget...ever...PBBBTH!

But yeah, you can ask pervy questions too. You can ask them anonymously, if you want!

So ask ask ask away. You have all weekend and Monday. I will respond with careful and well thought out answers. Or with whatever crap comes into mind first. And I will kick Kev into answering if there's any for him.

Please spend your weekend thinking really hard about these questions. Cancel your plans. Send the kids to the grandparents. Put the dog on the roof.