Friday, September 09, 2005

apparently, the temple is concerned 

I've been getting a sudden rush of spam mail on my gmail account. Fortunately, google files it immediately into the spam folder, but I always peruse them just to make sure nothing important got filed in there.

9 spam messages this morning, and I noticed a weird pattern...the "names" of my spammers seemed to be mostly Jewish. Mostly beginning with "F."

Finkelstein (2 from this person)

All of them seem to be concerned about the state of my love life, the size of my penis, and that I get a good deal on software. And Finkelstein apparently wants me to find a dog I can breed Sadie with.

It's like having a somewhat perverted and over protective Jewish mother. Who sells software.

and good lord, I am not trying to spread anti-semetic paranoia here. I'm not even sure I spelled "anti-semetic" correctly. I just thought it was weird. Like all that German nazi spam everyone got but me a while back.

Anyone else being targeted by the overprotective and helpful Jewish mafia?