Friday, August 19, 2005

So long, suckers! 

well, we're ALMOST off! I'm about to leave work, head home, throw everything in my car, pray I don't forget anything, and then pick up Kev at work.



and there will be no blogging (or blobbing, which as a term, I like MUCH better than blogging). No computer. No games. No madville or fark.


*twitch* *twitch*

I'm sure we'll be fine. Kev will spend some time fishing. I spent EVEN MORE money on yarn and knitting needles last night for my quick weekend project, and in prep for my tote bag kit that should arrive next week.

OK...menu for the weekend:

Friday Dinner: cheeseburgers on the grill. Grilled Squash and Zuccini with Italian seasoning. Saffron Rice.

Saturday breakfast: cereal (shut up. not ever meal is gourmet)

Saturday Lunch: cheese and potato soup with biscuits

Satuday Dinner: THICK JUICY NEW YORK STRIP STEAK on the grill. Baked Potatos. Spinach Salad.

Dessert: Puddin'

Sunday Breakfast: cereal..again.

Kev will get his grilling fix, that's for sure. He's been deprived since moving in with me - we're not allowed to have grills on balconys in georgia. So his grill sits alone and neglected in storage. But this cabin COMES with a grill.

And did I mention the hot tub? HOT TUB! And did I mention we're NOT bringing bathing suits? heeheehee...

And I'll take plenty of pics. Of the cabin and pretty woodland surroundings and the lake. I'll take OTHER pics as well, but none of you will see those. ;)

Everyone else have a great weekend! Doing...what, cleaning? laundry?