Monday, August 01, 2005

*sniff?* ew 

From the makers of InjectakittyTM, introducing...

sadie closeup

The Poop Avenger

Innocent looking...right? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Sadie has a severe case of diarrhea...AGAIN! Either she's sick with something, or the new brand of rawhide bones I bought her didn't agree with her stomach. I had a hint last night that something wasn't quite right, so I layed out some newspapers in her usual accident spot. I was rewarded this morning with two stinky piles. Yep. She ONLY does this when she's sick.


I fed her and took her outside, where she went AGAIN, and then while I was cleaning THAT up, she threw up her breakfast.


There was nothing else to do but lay down even more papers, covering the whole sun room, before leaving for work.

Yeah, she wasn't done.

She MOSTLY hit the papers. But some got in her crate, on her mattress, in her bowl....ACK ACK ACK! Everything had to be hosed off, washed, and sterilized.

No food for Sadie today. Tomorrow she goes on bland diet (cooked ground beef and rice). She already has a vet appointment friday for her vaccinations, so if she's not better by then, at least I'm covered. Poor thing. She keeps giving me these pitiful "I'm sorry I'm a bad girl" looks and following me around, which she only does when she's not feeling well. Right now she's curled up on the floor next to the couch, hoping I'll drop some food, probably.

I think I need to spray some more febreeze in here.