Wednesday, August 10, 2005

a post which makes no mention of Ikea at all... 

...except in the title.

Last night I chatted with the lovely Lovisa about her recent nasty bout with spyware. Out of curiousity, I did a search on my laptop.

GAH! nail.exe! aurora! SEARCH ASSISTANT!!!!


But she walked me through extermination of the nasty bugger. It involved going into my Registry! and Deleting Things! with the horrific possibility of Deleting Something Important that would Destry My Laptop for All Time. I'M SCARED! HOLD ME!

I got through it, though, and my laptop SHOULD be Search Assistant free. At least it was last night at 2:30am. When I get home today, I will check to make sure it is STILL Search Assistant Free.

So for you, Gorgeous Canadian Goddess of the Snowy White North...I give you the ultimate reward:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE! laugh and enjoy.

heeeere kitty kitty!

I had a doctor's appointment today, for (as Brighton likes to call it) my "kitty." These appointments are all very chatty and full of TMI on both sides, because when I'm nervous, I blurt out things. Like when she asked me if I did regular breast exams, I responded "well, my boyfriend helps!" And she informed me (for some unknown reason) that men shy away from chlamydia and gonnorhea tests because they think they're going to get a q-tip shoved up their urethra.

ummmm....yeah. I'll keep that in mind.

She also keeps pushing poly-cystic fibroid disease on me. Every time I go to her, she does this. She lists all the symptoms, and how it can increase the chances of uterine cancer, etc. I am not sure WHY she does this...I don't have hair sprouting up in strange and new places (at least, since I was 12) and I don't have b-acne. I think she brings it up because one of the symptoms is weight gain. Helll-OOOOO! I'm just FAT, lady....AND I'm in grad school! WEIGHT GAIN HAPPENS! And actually, I've lost a few pounds. So PBBBBTH!

But she still gave me the option of testing.

Maybe she needs to fill some sort of weird poly-cystic quota? She said 1 in 10 women have it. Maybe she's got 9 patients who are poly-cystic free, and it's freaking her out in a kind of OCD way? THERE MUST BE ONE!!!!

(not to be confused with "there can only be one")

So over an HOUR later, my kitty gets the all clear. I can share her with the world!


sorry to get your hopes up.