Sunday, August 07, 2005

On Target... 

Saturday I slept in WAY too late. I had to scramble to get to Curves in time to workout - they close at noon on saturdays! I had a busy day planned, though. I was going to work out, then run into the lab for an hour, then go home, shower, make the taco dip for the party at my advisor's house, then go to Target, then get home, grab Kev and the dip, and be at boss lady's by 6.


The first and last part went OK. But after I showered and made the dip, I crashed. For some reason, my cramps returned with a VENGENCE. So I just layed on the couch.

Ladies, don't you love it when you take some pain medication for cramps, and then you lay down and are in that half sleep half wake stage, and the pain pills kick in? And your cramps just sort of...drift away...and the relief is sooooo....wonderful...and you just want to lie there for hours, feeling the waves of pain relief just wash over you...

Maybe it's just me.

We did get to the cookout on time, which was A BLAST! It was bittersweet, since it was a goodbye for Brenda (who's last day is this thursday). But SO MUCH FUN! Boss lady's husband has a Big Green Egg, and he smoked a pork loin....mmmmmm.....and all the rest of the food that people brought was very yummy. I was soooo stuffed! Beans seemed very popular...bake beans, mixed bake beans, and bean salad. So...ummm....you might want to stand upwind there...sorry.

I saved Target for today. Why oh WHY do all my expensive personal care items run out at the same time??? Face lotion, body lotion, hair gel....WHAT ELSE CAN I RUN OUT OF????

Venus razor cartridges.


so....it was a $90 trip. and it would have been MORE, but I forced myself to put back a nice teal purse. I need a fall/winter purse (shut UP, yes I DO!!!), and I REALLY liked the one I found - big, teal shoulder bag with two inner compartments, for $23! *sigh* maybe can find one on sale later...

Now I am trapped at work. It's pouring down rain again, thundering and lightening. I need to make a quick stop at the grocery store before heading home...but I'm not going out in THAT. Kev is at his friends house, working on his car. Well, SUPPOSED to be. But with the rain, they're probably playing computer games and drinking beer. I won't see him until tonight, I'm sure.

best cute story of the weekend:

at the party on saturday, people in the lab brought their kids. a little 5 year old, T, was there, but very shy. he hid on his father's lap for most of the evening. I asked him how his birthday party earlier in the day was, but he just burried his head in his dad's chest.

his dad tried to draw him out:

"T, ESC asked you a question. what do you say?"

T, still muffled in his father's shirt:

"tank you"


later, the kids discovered Dance Dance Revolution in the basement. There were two pads, and kids enjoyed playing each other. Then little T wanted to race his older sister. But his legs weren't big enough to stretch over the mat, as hard as he tried! So he jumped on the right arrow, while Brenda helped him out on the left arrow. And they won! He was so happy!