Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Ikea fun, kids! 

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Let's play a fun game! Below is a list of things I bought. Match the silly swedish Ikea name to the product.

1. Vickning-------------------------a. lazy susan

2. Granat---------------------------b. cabinet hardware

3. Kosing---------------------------c. pillow

4. Skubb----------------------------d. mortar and pestle

5. Snudda---------------------------e. shoe organizer

Fun fact: did you know that Ikea shops at Target? All thoughout the showrooms, there are accessories that help you to visualize what Ikea's furniture would look like at YOUR house an apartment. There are clothes hanging in the wardrobe, shoes in the shoe rack, etc. ALL THESE THINGS ARE FROM TARGET. They are Mossimo brand. Isn't that funny?

I think I've got Kev convinced out the new counters. I'm going to drag him with me next time I go, so he can look at them. But I'm definately getting the faucet.