Friday, August 05, 2005


This time, it's personal

There was another waspy hornet thing guarding the steps again yesterday. I can only assume it was the previous one's brother, back for revenge.

bzzzz...you keeelled my brother! preeeepare to dieeeeee!!!...bzzzz!!!

whatever, waspy. eat my deadly kill spray.



unexpected evening

Last night Kev annouced he was going to bed a little early, since he wanted to get up earlier.


OK, I'm just gonna hop in the shower. So I showered while he shaved and brushed his teeth. I came out of the shower and the room was dark - I carefully made my way over to the nightstand where my body lotion was. Hope I could put it on without...wait...he's not in bed!

Wandered into the living room. He was sitting on the couch, hunched over the laptop.

Everything OK? Whatcha doing?

Ohhh...just waiting for you to get out of the shower.

He leans back, and I can see what he'd been...*ahem*...working on.

heehee...you baaaaad boy.

I can also see he's got his favorite website up - VERY bad boy!

So...YAY! Unexpected quickie!

Afterwards, we said goodnight. I wanted to stay up a bit longer, and I had to make more rice and ground beef for Sadie's bland diet.

(RETURN OF THE POOP AVENGER! BIG mess waiting for me when I got home last night...AND she had PUSHED ASIDE THE PAPERS I had laying out, so the mess was ALL OVER THE CARPET! GAAAAAH!!!)

As I stood in the living room, there was a flash.

*huh...what was that? is it stupposed to st*



Holy shit! that was close!

I hurried up to take Sadie out to pee, but the rain was already pelting down. The thunder and lighting was coming fast and furious, and just as I got back inside, the power went out. Flashed back on few times...then went out. The storm was REALLY raging. Sheets of rain, and constant cracks of thunder. Sadie was a little freaked out. Hell, I was freaked out!

Kev was now wide awake at this point, so I lit a candle and he got his flashlight, and we sat on the couch. Too bad we'd already had our fun ;) So since I couldn't get online, I played freecell. And tried to comfort Sadie, who was glued to my leg.

Oh, did I mention that even though it was pouring rain, it was still hot as hell outside? the condo got hot and stuffy FAST. It was going to be a miserable night.

Eventually, Kev went to bed and I finished Sadie's ground beef and rice (yay gas stove!). and JUST as I climbed into bed....


air conditioning! fans! lights! hooray! That was the longest power outage we'd had in a long time - over an hour. Which really isn't so bad. But it was a bad electrical storm. The worst of the storm eventually passed, but I could still see flashed through the curtains and hear the distant angry rumbles of thunder in the distance as I fell asleep.

...and I don't eat meat cause I'm a vet-trinarian!

This morning I took Sadie to the vet. She was due for her shots anyway, so I might as well get everything done in one visit.

I saw a different vet from last time. I used to LOVE our usual vet. He was very friendly and answered all my questions thoroughly, He also genuinely loved animals, and was really great with Sadie, even giving her shnoz a kiss after shots. But he left the clinic for another one in Dahlonega. The vet that replaced him was OK...but not very personable. Also didn't really like explaining things to me. It was just "give her these pills, bring her back if she's not better"

I had been considering taking her somewhere else. But my appointment was with another new vet there...3 vets now! The place was expanding!

Dr Kim reminded me of the vet who left. She was very nice, talked to me and explained what she was doing as she examined Sadie. We talked about possible reasons for the diarrhea. Could be the rawhide, could be something else. She would give me pills - antibiotics and anti-diarrheals.

Then she left to check the parasite test.

Funniest thing in the exam room: there were plastic squeeze bottles lined up on the counter with big labels on them. Alcohol. Hydrogen Peroxide. Lube.


Sadie was anxious to get out, and whined by the door. we could see another exam room across the hall. All of a sudden...


THAT got Sadie interested.

Much commotion, as 3 vet techs tried to wrestle the savage beast. The cat tried to make a run for it, which would have made Sadie's DAY, but they got the door closed in time.

They were not having an easy time of it, because the howls of kitty rage continued for the next 5 minutes. And swearing. Lots of swearing.

But Sadie was parasite free, so with two kinds of pills and $150 later, we were on our way. I decided (since I was already going to be late for work) to take her to Petsmart. I wanted to check out a different kind of lead for her, and maybe get some treats.

I ended up buying a Halti. This should prevent the constant aggrevation of her yanking on the leash. The choke chain doesn't seem to phase her anymore. This thing is supposed to pull her head to the side every time she pulls. And wouldn't you know...it works! Even for the few minutes I had it on her, Sadie was a much politer dog.

I also found a replacement for one of the casualties of her recent afliction - a red football shaped rubber toy that had a hole for treats that was the perfect size for her dental biscuits (band name!). She had gotten her mess all over it, and since it was a few years old, and had little cracks and puncture chew marks on it, I couldn't really be sure I could get it clean again. So into the trash. The new on is PURPLE! ooooooo!

So a traumatic morning for Sadie has a happy ending (somewhat, she's not too thrilled with the Halti). And I finally got to work.

And started blogging. Hehehehe...yay friday!