Wednesday, August 03, 2005

hump day randoms 

together too long

we're squished up on the couch together, Kev resting his head on my chest. we're watching Rachel Ray enjoy Sante Fe on $40 a day (which rhymes). She's watching some kids play kickball.

Rachel Ray: I've kicked a mean ball in my past.

Kev and I...SIMULTANEOUSLY: I'll bet you HAVE!

(laughter and tickling)

Kev: you're going to blog this, aren't you?

From the whiney complaint department

My eyeballs hurt and I don't know why. And I'm out of Excedrin at work. OOOWWWEEEEEE!!!!

Random racisim

I answered the phone at work today, and it was our departmental manager - the woman who knows who to call when something breaks, goes out, or floods. She was calling about an email request from someone else in the lab for some extra office furniture...it was all very confusing. She ended up yelling..ok, talking VERY LOUDLY at me about how LAB GODDESS SAID YOU DIDN'T NEED A FILE CABINET WHY DID POST-DOC SEND AN EMAIL?? ASK THE CHINESE GIRL!!! WHO IS THAT CHINESE GIRL??? ASK THE CHINESE GIRL!!!

and my brain just stopped, because I knew she was talking about N, who is Korean and very sensitive about racial issues. And I couldn't even come up with a response, because as she was yelling my brain kept screaming STOP SAYING CHINESE!!! STOP....SAYING....CHINESE!!!!!

Not that I would expect her to know N is from Korea, but christ, PLEASE don't assume all people of asian descent are CHINESE!!! AT LEAST SAY "ASIAN!!!"

or even better....LEARN HER NAME, she's BEEN HERE FOR 2 YEARS!!!!

I handed the phone to our lab goddess, because I couldn't deal WITH THE YELLING!!!



Because you can't leave here not hungry

Last night I made beef and bean tacos for dinner. Today I met a friend for lunch at Top Spice and we both had panang curries.

Tonight I'm going to try out some stir fry over Japanese udon noodles.

My stomach is a multi cultural melting pot. I think tomorrow we'll have to eat hot dogs or fried chicken, so we're not labelled anti-american and rumsfeld knocks down the front door in a homeland security raid.