Sunday, August 21, 2005

hooray for buoyancy! 

We're back!


Get home later from work than expected, but still early, after explaining to my advisor why I didn't have everything done that I had HOPED to get done, but softened the blow with HEY I HAVE ONE OF MY STRAINS DONE! (3 more to go...bleah).

Run around like crazy getting the rest of the food together in the cooler. Load up my car with all our stuff. It's 96 degrees and high humidity, I am soaked with sweat. Sadie, who has figured out that something is going on, is running around like a psychopath -



Sadie: *lays down for 2.3 seconds, then streaks around the living room again*

had hoped to leave by 2, but was closer to 2:30. Called Kev to say I'm on my way, then realize that I left wet clothes in the washing machine. Frantically hang up clothes to dry.

Drive to pick up Kev, surprisingly little traffic. Realize I left cheese for burgers home. Damn.

Hand Kev google directions to cabin, which should be "quicker" than provided directions, as we're leaving from a different part of town.

Stop at wal-mart - Kev purchases sunglasses and fishing license, I purchase cheese and margarita mix, and run frantically back to car like a crazy woman before my dog overheats.

Get lost. Turn around.

Get lost...stop at roadside produce stand. Get different directions. Realize we haven't actually followed any part of stupid google directions. purchase a watermelon and fresh tomaters from helpful local man.

Air conditioning in my car goes out. DAMN!

Arrive in Elijay, lost again. get directions from helpful local antiques dealer.

Find rental office, pick up key, and follow long windy gravel roads to cabin (interesting note: this place was wired for cable, yet the roads were not paved. huh. priorities, I guess)

Cabin next door has a curious chocolate lab who comes to investigate. I am prepared for a fight, but Sadie, after jumping out of the car and pooping in the bushes, actually makes friends.

Cabin is cute and very cabin-y. We quickly unload and get ready for dinner because we are STARVING! After dinner Kev falls asleep on the couch, I watch TV and knit. We are both tired and very drained from the trip. Sadie tires of her boyfriend and returns, wet and dirty.


We sleep in. Sadie makes more of a fuss than usual, crying by the door. Maybe she REALLY has to go? No. When I open the door, her new boyfriend is on the porch. "can sadie come out and play?" Knock yourselves out. I head back to bed. There is good lovin' to be had. I have to tell Kev several times to GO EASY MY NECK AND BACK ARE STILL BRUISED AND SORE!!! Later, as we catch our breath,

Kev: I'm huuuuuunnngry.

Me: awwww...you want some bacon and eggs?

Kev: *perks up* Really? did you bring bacon and eggs?

Me: no.

Kev: bitch. you're mean.

After breakfast (cereal!), I follow Kev downt to the lake/pond. It is small but pretty. There is a boat! with paddles! We will have to try that out later. Kev somehow anticipated my curiosity for fishing (I have been once, when I was 13). After a quick refresher, we are both casting from the shore. Kev catches a large mouth bass - about 8 inches, which we keep in the hopes that we'll catch more. Nope. I successfully feed worms to the fish without actually catching them. We get in the boat and row out to the middle of the pond, where we had seen fish flopping around earlier. The fish are smart, and disappear. We head back for lunch and naps.

A little while later, I shake Kev awake...MORE FISHING! He has created a monster. We head back to lake. I catch a smaller large mouth bass - maybe 6 inches. Poor little guy, I let him go. I catch 3 or 4 little sunfish. Kev is still charged from his earlier catch, but even when we get back on the boat, no luck. It's peaceful on the lake, though, and very pretty. The bull frogs croak along the shore, probably warning the fish...stupid frogs.

Later, dinner of steaks...mmm....steaks. And then we decide to check out the hot tub. It's on the lower deck of the back porch. We get the heat and jets going...mmm...lovely! We then discover that the angles of the seats of the hot tub make things very comfy for certain activities. And that the water provides very interesting buoyancy. Hooray! Now I can check "sex in a hottub" of my list. HOT TUB SEX! RECOMMENDED BY 1 OUT OF 1 EVILSCIENCECHICKS! GO TRY IT TODAY! We splashed quite a bit of water out...wonder what the maintanance people will think...? Wonder what our cabin NEIGHBORS thought? We weren't exactly quiet...


This morning I gave Sadie a MUCH needed bath - she was muddy and stinky. Guess her boyfriend liked her that way ;) We did the last few loads of laundry - sadie's dirty towel and bedding, etc. Nice to have washer and dryer - thanks to Kev my bag has nothing but clean clothes.

We got home around 3 and I PASSED OUT! I don't think I slept well in the cabin's bed - too soft. Later, as I catch up on blogs, Kev appears from the spare room... obviously *ahem* "ready" for some action. Yay! Lots of lovin' for me this weekend.

I took some pics (no nekkid hottub pics, perves! pbbbth!) which I will get up sooner or later. Now I should get back to my knitting...and maybe Kev has recovered from earlier... ;)