Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday night conversation 

Julie and I have the strangest conversations....

ESC: Kev's playing a star wars game on his computer

ESC: he's so cute about it

ESC: just walked into the room...

ESC: "remember that monster that luke killed in the cave?"

ESC: "the one that made the fat guy cry?"

Julie: has he got a light saber for you to play with?

ESC: "uhhhh...no"

ESC: (hehehe...that's later)

ESC: "well that's in the game! and I have to kill it!"

ESC: "that's great, dear"

Julie: that's....great.

Julie: I think.

ESC: yeah

ESC: he's such a geek

Julie: I so only watched star wars for han solo.

ESC: mmmmm

ESC: he can play with my wookie any day

Julie: lmao

Julie: *wookie noise*

Julie: I couldn't figure out how to spell it!

ESC: *ggggggooooow*

ESC: ?

Julie: I think there are some r's in it.

Julie: gaaaaaooooorrrrrwwww.

ESC: got to have the *ggggggggg* sound

ESC: *gggggggggggggggaaaaaaoorrrrrrrrrrrrrrw*

Julie: yeah, that's it.

ESC: nice

ESC: do you think we're the first people to figure out how to IM in "wookinese?"

Julie: no, I bet you in some star wars fanfic somewhere, they have a dictionary.

ESC: losers

Julie: english to wookie.

ESC: total losers

ESC: not like us

Julie: no, we're cool.

ESC: totally cool

Julie: they probably speak klingon too.

ESC: oh! do you read mcsweeny's?

Julie: occasionally, when I remember it.

Julie: not lately tho.

ESC: I will lose my cool status for this...

ESC: http://www.mcsweeneys.net/2005/8/22richardsonbryan.html

[futher discussion of relationships and how boys are stooopid, ahead is SLIGHTLY edited]

Julie: fuck that.

ESC: no, I'll fuck keving

Julie: keving?

ESC: kevin

ESC: i'm hopped up on sweet tea

Julie: dude, kevin is a gerund. he's an action verb!

ESC : last night I did some keving!

Julie: I'll bet you did, you dirty little bitch.

ESC: hey, a weekday keving is rare...

ESC: I takes em when I gets em

Julie: yer blog makes it sound like you are keving all the time.

ESC: yeah, I don't know where people are getting that...

[more relationship chit chat]

ESC: something funny happened a curves the other day...

Julie: what?

ESC: there's a nurse who works for an ob-gyn

ESC: and the doc is about to start doing some rather specialized surgeries...


Julie: oh, I've heard of that!

ESC: and the phone hasn't stopped ringing for appointments!

ESC: and MOST of the women calling to make them

ESC: are OVER 60

Julie: getting it tightened or getting a fake hymen put in.

Julie: EW!

ESC: or making it "pretty"

Julie: EW EW EW!

ESC: one woman was....

ESC: 78

Julie: how do you make it pretty???

ESC: cutting back the lips, I think

ESC: ever watch any porn?

ESC: some of those girls look like tree fungus

Julie: ew. that was graphic.

[long discussion of a show I saw about a muslim woman who was raped and had her hymen repaired, and then another long discussion about how Julie needs to read Sheri S Tepper]

Julie: the cats, they have made a mess of a rather large roll of wrapping paper.

ESC: ok, I need a pee break

ESC: go clean up your mess!

Julie: I'm gonna go make my porkchop.

Julie: I'll catch you later, tho.

ESC: i'll be on! and knitting!

Julie: if you're not keving.

ESC: hehehehehe

ESC: reak