Tuesday, August 23, 2005

ESC's angry digestive system 


This morning my body decided to punish me for my lack of gall bladder again. It does this to a certain degree every day, but a couple of times a year, the beating is severe.

So I spent much of this morning curled up into a little weeping ball of pain in bed, running to the bathroom, where food I ate 2 years ago reappeared, surprisingly intact, and then returning to the ball of pain.

Not fun.

I eventually got to work around 11:30, a little shaky. Feeling better now, and I'm finally hungry - but afraid to add food to this volitile mix. My digestive system is very angry right now. I might not want to incur its wrath again with leftover mac and cheese.

In non-digestive news...

I got to talk to Brighton on the phone last night! Hooray! She has just the cutest voice with juuust a slight hint of accent. Yeah yeah, I know a few of you MET her, and others have already done the phone thing...but this is MEEEE. I will now add her to my drunk calling list. If I decide to ever get stupid drunk again and call people. It's been a long time, sooo...Brighton you probably have nothing to worry about.

Then I IMed with Julie and we realized that we have never spoken on the phone. This is STUPID because she and I are actually in the same time zone, as opposed to the rest of you central and pacific FREAKS! Keeping me up at all hours...PFT! Anyway, we agreed to talk soon. We're discussing plans on how to become multi millionaires and taking over the world by knitting baby blankets. I think. It was late, and I'm a little hazy on the details. But it made perfect sense at the time.

Alright...I think I'm going to risk that mac and cheese now. Pray for me.