Monday, August 15, 2005

daily annoyances 

#1. this morning I was sitting with traffic at a light, when it turned green. I was in the left lane, with a large truck way up in front, and it was taking it's good sweet time to get moving. I survey the lane to the right of me, there was a large gap between the car that just passed me, and the pick up truck behind him - several car lengths worth, plus that lane wasn't even close to full speed yet.

So I flicked on my turn signal and went for it.

mr truck did NOT like that, and angrily beeped at me. I ignored him - dude, get over it. I didn't cut you off, there was plenty of room in front of you, and you didn't even have to tap your brakes because you weren't moving very fast at all, as the light had JUST turned green.

but mr truck did not let it go. I got into the rightmost lane and sped along, happily drinking my morning coffee. Mr truck sped up, passed some people, and flew by me, laying on the horn.

at this point, the finger was in order. get a life, sir.

#2. I was perusing etsy, as I have been doing more and more lately (but I haven't bought anything...yet), and found some beautiful yarn I would like to purchase (no, I'm not telling you which because you'll STEAL it from me). But I need to know if I can combine shipping from one seller. But before I can contact the seller, I have to register. Fine. I got through the process, and the site tells me I have to wait for an email and click on the link provided to confirm the registration. Pretty standard.

Exept that it was 5 hours ago and I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN THE EMAIL! I even reregestered with a different username and email account. Nothing. Nada. Apparently, Etsy has been BoingBoing'ed, and everything is running painfully slow. pbbth.


#3. There are remains of a hard boiled egg - shards of shell and fragments of yolk and white - on the floor in one of the stalls of the ladies room.

My mind shudders away from the implications.

I mean, I know if you're in there for a long time, you might get hungry...but...