Saturday, August 13, 2005

Curves Update 

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ooooh noo! the dreaded weigh in!

how did I do?

Well, let's see...

the past month I've lost 1.8 lbs. hmmm...not so impressive...BUT...since joining...

I've lost 1.5% of my total body fat %- that's 4.3 fat lbs that became muscle (well, not BECAME, but you know what I mean)

1 inch off the boobies

2 inches off waist

3.5 inches off each thigh

and a little off here and there...

so my "score" to date with curves, which is inches + lbs...is 17.5! hooray!

I would actually like to lose weight...NOT just inches. Which probably means...more drastic diet change. Actually, I know my problem is portion control...ANOTHER BOWL OF PASTA PLEASE! NO! bad ESC...bad!

So that's going to an issue with self control.

BUT if anyone has any yummy healthy recipes they'd like to share, let me know! Email me the recipe at evilsciencechick (at) gmail (dot) com, and I put it up on the recipe site AND feature it on my RECIPE OF THE DAY feature down on my side bar here. Which currently features...cheesy potatoes. And I'm thinking the person who gave me that recipe was just being a leeeetle bit sarcastic when she said they were COMPLETELY FAT FREE. They are most certainly not...BUT...they are yummy. So they can be an "every once in a while" indulgence food.