Friday, August 12, 2005


I forgot my chapstick today. This is not good. This will be hell. I NEED MY CHAPSTICK!!!

Not to mention my pounding headache. I need to start getting more sleep. But then I would miss out on the BEST IM conversations:

with se7en: on how I can waste MORE hours of my life rearranging my recipe blog

with DrDave: on embarassing WV relatives names and vanilla vodka

with Tinyhands: on the benefits of smelling good for women

with Rachel: on the risky side effects of great sex, such as difficulties walking, bloody scratches, embarassing bite marks.

see? how could I MISS that???

ohhh...my head....

A ray of good news: my program seminar has been pushed back a few weeks, giving me more time to try to get my strains and actually have data to present. hooray!

band name!

Brenda is gone, and has left me in charge of "the OFFICIAL list of potential band names."

names on this list:

1. antagonistically pleiotrophic

2. cool potential

3. pressboard hallway

4. inappropriate use of the comma

5. the face of monkey terror

6. the slope of death

7. palpable testosterone

8. license to shoot plants

9. dangling candy

10. grumpy puppet

11. dorf and the dubious adhesions

12. licking historical items

13. transitional pope

Not so long a list, but we come up with a lot more that are funny, but not list-worthy. and yeah yeah, most of these are sciencey related - because they are taken from actual journal articles. but who knew journal articles were so entertaining? It's like the time I found an article in Nature about a species of duck with a very long penis...26cm, going to 33cm erect. 33CM!!!! And the reason that Brenda and I laughed about this for DAYS, was NOT because hey, look, a duck with a big wang....BUT..because it was some POOR GRADUATE STUDENTS JOB TO MEASURE DUCK PENI!!!! AND not only to measure regular duck peni....ERECT DUCK PENI!!!


"so what do you do in grad school?"

"I arouse ducks and measure their pensises."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! no, really."


Sooooo...next time you think maybe scientists don't have a sense of humor, just remember...ERECT DUCK PENI!!!

I'm adding that to the list.