Sunday, August 28, 2005

all 4 in one post... 


I've had to learn continental style knitting for my latest project. I HATED IT...at first.

But now...NOW I...KNIT LIKE THE WIND!!!!


I kick ass. Almost halfway done with the body of the tote bag...in only one weekend.


the other 50% of my 2D gel blot didn't pan out. DAMMIT! THAT WAS THE 50% I NEEDED! So I spend a good part of this weekend, when I wasn't knitting, back in the lab, starting another 1st dimension.

We're also planning to go to Alabama this weekend, which means I won't be in the lab AND I'm taking labor day off.

I'm going to get "the look" from my advisor again.



I feel a cooking slump coming on. Seriously, I'm just TIRED! I got Kev to take me out on friday (mmmmmm...thai noodle bowls...). Yesterday Kev made a rotisserie chicken, I made some side dishes (mashed taters and sauteed veggies).

Tonight....ugh. I picked up some hot dogs...now...they were QUALITY hot dogs, and we dressed them up with saurkraut and stuff. And HUGE slabs of juicey sweet watermelon. Mmmm...

Then Kev made pudding. mmmm...puddin'.


We've sort of forgotten about the sex toys lately. I don't know why...we just haven't used them as much as we used to.

Welll....Saturday night I discovered...via the help of a fun toy and a very enthusiastic Kev...that I could, if I wanted, sing soprano in the church choir instead of alto.

Though the conditions neccessary to repeat the circumstances would probably not be condusive to a prayerful church atmosphere. Technically, though..I was SORT of praying...

Speaking of church, I wore a skirt to church today. Nothing sexy, just a stretchy khaki knee-length thing. I wear a choir robe at church, so it's almost ridiculous to dress up...YET I STILL DO! CAN I BE ANY MORE PRESBYETERIAN????

Anyway, something about me in a skirt sets Kev off. Seriously. I can be sitting on the couch in nothing but a nightie, and while he'd be appreciative, if he's preoccupied, I get NOTHING. But me in a skirt (Ok, well, it does show off my newly totally ripped calves nicely. seriously, my legs look FABULOUS!)...and he can't keep his hands off me.

I'm not even allowed to get undressed! Maybe that's the thrill for him, the skirt is easy access without the time consuming "removal of clothing" first.


well, there you are - all 4 of my most common subject in one fun filled post! hope it wasn't too jarring. unless you LIKE that kind of thing...in which case...come closer.... :)