Thursday, July 07, 2005

We're back...sort of 

soaking wet

We're back from niagara, still at my parents' house.


Apologies go out to:

Aimee: sorry I didn't return your calls while we were there. you always managed to call while we were in the car with my parents, and about to do something loud and touristy. When we weren't doing that, we were sleeping in the hotel. This was a very busy trip.

Jennifer - sorry I never got ahold of you. it would have been so cool to meet, but we really had NO free time. check that...we had an hour after Kev and I took the 5 hour grey line tour on tuesday, before my parents got back. we collapsed and slept. there just wasn't any time!

I may post more tonight. Until then, to keep you vultures occupied, pics are up. That link will take you to the slideshow, which has been ordered somewhat. To get descriptions of what you're looking at, and to leave comments (mmm...delicious comments...), go here.